Surface treatments

Through our out of house workshops we can offer the following surface treatments on request: machine degreasing, electroplating, hot-dip galvanizing, electrolytic polishing, plastic powder coatings and many more.


Lightly oiled, degreasing with an oil binder, machine degreasing

Unless otherwise specified, the perforated plates will be shipped with a fine film of oil, which can be felt and seen. Where an oil binder is spread and brushed away a relatively oil-free surface will be achieved but residues will remain in the holes. If the perforation plate is to be entirely free of lubricants it will have to be chemically degreased (machine degreasing). This method is suitable only for stainless steel materials and non ferrous metals.

Hot-dip galvanizing

The perforated plates will be dipped in molten zinc. Please note: The hole diameter should be > 5 mm, as the holes could easily be clogged at smaller diameters. Following galvanizing the perforated plates may exhibit a rough, grainy surface.







Polished or brushed surface

Perforated plates with a polished or brushed surface are used in applications where appearance is important. The plates can be polished or brushed either before or after punching.

Plastic powder coating

Coating with a polyurethane lacquer or polyester powder not only lends an attractive appearance but at the same time provides very effective corrosion protection. When dealing with pre-galvanized material, plastic coating offers a very good alternate to hot-dip galvanizing after punching. We would request that you indicate in your order the use for which the plate is intended so that we can select in advance the most suitable finishing method.