Hole patterns


Hole width w
The hole width "w” is the basic definition for the punched opening. The hole width will be the diameter of the round hole or the length of the side for a square hole or the width of a slot.


Hole pitch t

The pitch "t” is the distance between the centers of two adjacent holes.


Strand c
The strand "c” is the material remaining in place between two adjacent holes.


Hole length l
Dimension "l” for the length of the slot is applicable to all oblong shapes.


Sieving direction
The sieve or conveyor direction and the arrangement of the perforations is of significance whenever the finished perforated plate is to be used as a sieve or screen. The best sieving results are obtained when the holes are arranged in staggered rows. The arrangement of the perforations also has a major impact on the optical effect. The sieve direction can be indicated with an arrow or by specifying the edge with which it is parallel.