Ancillary operations

The wide variety of ancillary operation options is the basis for the variety of final products. Examples of post-processing include drilling attachment holes or other additional holes, cutting, notching, bending, rolling, punching or circle cutting, profiling, welding, torch cutting and laser treatment. Product examples: Hardening and galvanizing baskets, transportation baskets and containers, shelving walls, modern outdoor and indoor fittings and fixtures.


Leveling machines

All perforated sheets and coils will be leveled after perforating since strains are introduced into the sheet. The quality of leveling will depend on the material being used, its thickness, the nature of the margins and the details of the perforations themselves. The larger the margin and the closer the perforations, the more difficult it will be to level the perforated plates.







Here the panels are cut to the specified dimensions. The strip which is trimmed away should not be smaller than the thickness of the material.







Press brake

The manufacturing process permits only rounded-edge designs. All the materials which are suitable for bending can be used here. It is assumed, however, that sheet products are used as the working material. Typical profile shapes includes angle irons, U, Z, C and top-hat profiles, and variations of the same with seamed edges.