Manufacturing perforated fabrication of metal

Three different types of machine are commonly used for perforating: sectional perforating presses, all across perforating presses and turret punching machines.


Sectional presses

Punching on a sectional press is the classical perforation technique. The process in carried out section by section and, with modern CNC control, individual perforation arrays can be made up. With quick and economical use of tools already on hand, the sectional press is ideally suited to handle thicker sheets and larger perforations.





All across press

All across presses are designed to perforate the whole width of a sheet or coil in one stroke. One or several rows of punches perforate the material at high speed while the material is fed step by step through the machine. All across presses are used primarily for production from coils and are most economical for the production of larger quantities of thin materials and smaller holes.





Turret punch press

A broad variety of hole shapes can be cut in a single pass using our turret punch and nibbling machine. Hole shapes and patterns which deviate from the norm can also easily be made up. In addition, exact contouring is possible using the CAD-CAM module or a DXF-file which you provide.